Friday, November 23, 2012

As Is: Teenage Mutant Naked Turtle

This is what this is supposed to look like.

Earlier in the week I blogged about Jazwares and their small company problems. As it turns out, it's not only the little guys who occasionally let things slip through the cracks.

This is Leonardo from Nickelodeon's new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. Playmates Toys have been manufacturing the Turtles toys since the very beginning and the formula hasn't changed much since 1989.  Four turtles, red, blue, orange and purple bandanas, varying shades of green, ninja weapons and belts to store them in.

Unfortunately for this particular Leo, someone let him leave the factory without his belt! It's amazing how naked he looks without it. It's really freaking me out. I need to stop looking.

Where is he going to store his katana now?

The Metal Head figure from this same assortment includes a goof of his own. The back of his packaging features photos of four Turtles: Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and a second Raphael. 

Michelangelo must have been too busy being a party dude to make it to picture day on time.

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