Monday, November 26, 2012

Thrift Store: Look Ma, No Hands

Another thrift store treasure unearthed after tens of years. Some readers may not be old enough to remember a time before iPods, but for us children of the 80's, CD players were the ultimate in cool. The only thing that could make a portable CD player better was if you could carry it around in a fanny pack.

Enter the Tune Belt. No, I'm sorry, "The Original Tune Belt". It's comfortable. It's secure. It's hands-free! It probably caused your CD to skip, making it impossible to get through an entire song. But whatever. It was all about presentation in the 80's. Half the people who bought these probably never even owned a portable CD player.

The Tune Belt doesn't serve much of a purpose in today's digital age, but just like all of the misfit toys who wind up at the thrift store, it can take solace in knowing that at some point, someone, somewhere paid actual money for it.

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