Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Scary Christmas: Santa's Shanty Village II

Christmas has been encroaching on Halloween's turf for some time. But now, the macabre howls of Halloween are disrupting Christmas's silent night and challenging the cacophony of jingle bells.

Santa's normally cheerful village has been replaced by horrible atrocities. But at least they only cost a dollar!

Miniature ceramic Christmas scenes are a holiday tradition and now, thanks to the skilled laborers from Dollar Tree responsible for Santa's Shanty Vilage, generations of children will cower in fear whenever Santa comes to town.

Let's take a closer look.

The children of Santa's Shanty Village have enough to worry about without concerning themselves with pesky warning labels. "Don't Stand on the top step." Thanks for the suggestion. I'll take that under advisement as I crouch and reach downward while perilously teetering atop this ladder.
That star is melting.
One of the children's favorite games is "eye patch or unibrow?". Little Johnny always wins.
Who spilled frosting all over the tree? Wait, no, that's a dog. Monocle Teddy Bear is not impressed.

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