Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Scary Christmas: Santa's Shanty Village III

Christmas has been encroaching on Halloween's turf for some time. But now, the macabre howls of Halloween are disrupting Christmas's silent night and challenging the cacophony of jingle bells.

Santa's normally cheerful village has been replaced by horrible atrocities. But at least they only cost a dollar!

Miniature ceramic Christmas scenes are a holiday tradition and now, thanks to the skilled laborers from Dollar Tree responsible for Santa's Shanty Vilage, generations of children will cower in fear whenever Santa comes to town.

Let's take a closer look.
You can forget about finding any traditional Christmas treats in Shanty Village. No gingerbread men. No eggnog. Instead of milk and cookies, on Christmas Eve the children leave Santa a bowl of the their favorite yellow mustard.
I hope little Timmy left enough for Santa.
Little Suzie doesn't like mustard. She prefers to rub jelly all over her face.

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